Should Your Software Have a New Year’s Resolution?

by Rusty Keighron, Field Sales Account Executive, Agency Markets, Vertafore on January 15, 2010 · 1 comment

Rusty Keighron – Insurance Industry Manager – docSTAR Rusty and I have spoken more than once about the issues he addresses in this post. What Rusty has to say here enforces my discussions on once you install software it is not done. Rusty will be posting here monthly.

One of the business mantras of 2009 I frequently heard was that we (as employees, service providers, business owners) need to “work harder” and “do more”, especially when business slows down. This of course, reinforces that the value that we bring to our customers and employers and can ultimately lead to better job security! If we’re making this resolution for ourselves and have that expectation for our employees, shouldn’t we expect the same of our business tools and software?

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Like many others, our company is always looking for ways to enhance what we do for our customers. We’re grateful for the (usually rare) feedback we get about this. As a result, we come up with enhancements and improvements that we are very excited about providing! One challenge, though, is that our customers don’t always know about them or understand the additional productivity the enhancements can provide. I remember working in a retail store and being so excited when our owners invested in remodeling. Of course we expected our customers to be thrilled with the new digs and buy more stuff. Instead, they complained about how they couldn’t find an item since it was moved!

The point I’d like to make is that going forward, I believe our customers who are most successful with our software tools are the ones who:

1. resolve to look for ways to use what they have as effectively as possible

2. review what’s new from the vendor and see how it can be adapted to automate a manual or inefficient process, and

3. ensure (and measure) that it’s being used.

One way we’re trying to help is by providing a free Webinar in January to our customers to show the new features in docSTAR‘s Version 3.10 and explain how they can add value to what we do. There is also a document available in the full install of 3.10 (or from your supporting partner) that explains this in some detail.

Let’s let one of our software’s New Years Resolution to be helping to automate more of what you do and allow you more time to focus on building your business! What do you do in your agency to ensure implementation and success of system enhancements?

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