The Secret of Saving Money on Email

by Tina Peppers - President & Founder - Domina Technology Solutions on January 20, 2010 · 4 comments

Tina Peppers is the Founder and President of Domina Technology Solutions. We met in the late 1990s when we both worked for the same company. Recently she found me and we reconnected. I am honored that she has agreed to be a communicator on this blog. We will be hearing from Tina or Domina’s Chief Technology Officer, Ray Hudaihed weekly.

Google has done it again. They have penetrated the Public Sector with their “cloud” email. We have all heard of GMAIL, but not everyone knows that Google has a business version that offers email and Google Apps, too. Google Apps includes calendar, docs, sites and video.

The cost savings are unparalleled. City of Orlando quoted a savings of $262,500 for switching their email to Google’s cloud based email. That savings is based on the licensing savings from their current software.


Google Apps include Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Video. The more popular apps are Google Calendar and Google Docs. Calendar allows you to create appointments, access and sync your calendar with your mobile device and share whole calendars company-wide or with specific people. It has the bells and whistle that you except from a calendar package. Google Docs gives you real-time collaboration with cloud-based word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Google Docs works with PC, MAC and Linux computers. Docs support the common file types such as .doc, .xls, .ppt and .pdf.

Think about all the “other” savings:

1. No server to maintain.

2. Your email is in the cloud; you have no server and no software to run on that server.

3. Your staff does not need to support the server. Internal or external staff, I am sure we could find better uses of their time. We need to transact insurance, not be email gurus.

4. No electricity is needed to run those servers.

5. No special power needs, no special cooling needs.

6. No special secured rooms.

7. No time by you or staff to setup email software. Think about last time you hired a new employee and had to “set-up” the computer for that employee.

Think about cloud computing as any computer with a browser works!

Do you know what you are paying for your email? The cost of the hardware, the licenses for the software, the backup the email server, and maintenance are just a few of the factors to calculate TCO (total cost of ownership).

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