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by Tina Peppers - President & Founder - Domina Technology Solutions on February 3, 2010 · 0 comments

While working with one of my SMB (Small & Medium Business) clients on migrating all of their back office operations to the Cloud, I researched a few vendors that are offering back office productivity tools. In this post I will share with you a few products that agencies might want to review.


Zoho Meeting is for online meetings and web conferencing. Some online meeting providers charge up to $50 per month, some much more. Zoho charges $12 a month with up to 5 participants and 1 host. You can also get the FREE edition that gives you 1 host with 1 participant.

Zoho People is FREE online HR system. It tracks the demographic data, employment history, emergency contact details to name a few. It has a self-service area, where employees can access HRIS forms, have access to company policies and edit their profile

The fact that you have employee self service access from anywhere on the web functionality and operational functionality for the HR and Executive staff available out of the box for Free or a small subscription price makes it superior to HR “off the shelf packages” that I have seen SMB “try” to use.

I found the HR service very interesting. In my previous experience these features are only available in very expense ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software reserved for the Fortune 500 companies using products such as SAP and Oracle.

Zoho is just one example of a SaaS (software as a service) provider. SaaS providers have a few defining characteristics:

No software to install..

SaaS software should not require installation of software.
You should be able to access the software via a web browser.
Also, there should be no dependence on the platform that it is running the browser, PC or MAC.

No software to install means there should be minimal IT demands. There are no servers to configure or complicated installations thus eliminating the need to include IT.

Pay As You Go

There is no installation on servers or fancy configurations, so there should be no “upfront” cost. You should simply pay for what you use. With little to no cost, Cloud computing solutions are worth second look.

What areas would like information on for Cloud computing?

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