Docstar at NetVU(AMSUG) – Day 3 – Friday, March 26, 2010

by Rusty Keighron, Field Sales Account Executive, Agency Markets, Vertafore on March 29, 2010 · 5 comments

Rusty Keighron has been blogging about his time at the AMSUG meeting this past week. He calls this wrap-up blog “The Trade Show within the Trade Show ” Thanks to Rusty for sharing his experience at this event with our readers.

Verizon says in their ads that “it’s all about the network.” That’s also true of the national AMS Users Group Conference (soon to be the NetVu Conference as in ‘Network of Vertafore Users’ Networks are not just between agents or between agents and vendors, but also networks are between vendors. The last day of a trade show usually has some slow periods, and it is a great time to see what other products and services are available and speak to fellow vendors. It’s a great way to gain insight from others about what’s working and where they see opportunities. Sometimes you may find that your product is complimentary to their product or service, opening yet another door. Saturday gave us some opportunities to do this.

Most of you who know me know I’m a big fan of LinkedIn. Once meeting and connecting to a fellow vendor in person, I think its great to trade business cards AND to ask if they would be open to linking to you. This gives you an opportunity to remember who they are and recall (and update) their contact information very easily. The other part of LinkedIn is that if you look someone up in your directory, it will show you if one of your contacts is Linked to them or even if someone your contact knows is Linked. Later on, if you know that someone you’re introducing yourself to ‘cold’ is connected to someone you know, it’s a great ice-breaker and certainly engenders trust. My network is a bit larger from the show contacts, and so is theirs!

I also think it’s important that, when you send someone or send business to another vendor, you must let your contact know you sent it their way. Two of my friends at the show compete in some areas but looked at their relationship more cooperatively after realizing that their “competitor” had sent them a piece of business. There’s lots of goodwill and reciprocal business that can come of this.

News about a Nashville conference would not be complete without a final mention of country music. I went to the Grand Old Opry with some customers and the music (and the experience) was fabulous. One of the performing groups was the Quebe Sisters who I had a chance to meet after the show. The closest thing I can of to their performance would be the Lennon Sisters. Here is a link to a recent TV appearance they did that was very much like the GOO live show.

From Left to Right – Rusty, the Quebe Sisters, Hulda, Sophia and Grace

Thanks for reading and for your kind comments!

  • Rusty it was great seeing you at conference and you are absolutely correct, "It's about the Network." The NetVu exchange of ideas and information extend beyond the user members and continues to build with the exhibitors and industry partners. Every year our members are very excited to learn the latest and greatest from the exhibitors and to improve their organizations ROI. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! to all of you that attended and exhibited at the 2010 AMS Users' Group National Conference and look forward to seeing you at the 2011 NetVu "Network of Vertafore Users'" National Conference in Orlando, Florida April 28-30 2011.

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