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by Pat Alexander on March 24, 2010 · 4 comments

Now don’t think immediately that I am not talking to you. Most of us underestimate the fact that we have real information and experiences to share. An attorney pointed out to me several years ago that I was being to shy about my accomplishments. I was an expert witness on a large case. The attorney I was working with told me that I had not seemed proud and aggressive enough during my answers on this subject in a deposition. She said she found this was usually the case with women during depositions. I already thought that the two lady attorneys I was working with were two of the brightest people I had ever met. So this statement brought me up short and to a reality that I have had a lot of great accomplishments in my career. Thus I believe that every person has something to share and most of us are just too modest about it.

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The Insurance Ecosystem blog has been up and running since January 2010. In the beginning I limited the number of individuals that I asked to participate because I wasn’t sure how involved I would need to be each day to manage these posts. While I want this blog to be very successful I don’t want it to be at the expense of my clients. However, I have found that once the basics were in place that the daily maintenance of editing and posting blogs is relatively easy. I would like to ramp up the number of participants and the number of blogs posted. Thus, I am looking for individuals in the insurance industry that are interested in posting on this blog. I would also like to include individuals from outside the insurance industry that have information to share that is relevant to our industry. Most people that have never blogged feel insecure and want some guidance. I have posted Guidelines for your reference. This will provide you with tips and requirements to have your blog posted at Insurance Ecosystem. You do not hesitate because you don’t consider yourself a writer. Blogging is not about how great a writer you are. They are about sharing great information and experiences.

I find that I have ideas for a post at the most inconvenient times. I can’t stop right then and write it, but I don’t want to forget it. I keep this list on my Blackberry in the Memo App under Blog Ideas. I know others that keep it on their iPhone. Please don’t do this while you are driving. So you will have to remember those ideas or record them via a voice app. Then, when I am ready to write I have a point from which to start. I can tell you that writers block usually comes from not having a subject. If I have a subject, I am good-to-go.

So take a few minutes. Ready about why Insurance Ecosystem was created at New Adventures. I am looking for communicators from all segments of our industry such as branding, insurance carriers, claims, insurance associations, etc. Review the Guidelines and let me know at insuranceecosystem@gmail.com if you are interested. Please come and join Some Great Minds at Insurance Ecosystem and share your great thoughts.

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