Talent Management – Part 4

by Jack Burke - President - Sound Marketing, Inc. on May 24, 2010 · 3 comments

This is the 4th post in a series of 6 by Jack Burke, President of Sound Marketing, Inc. Jack’s posts on Talent Management are sponsored by ReSource Pro. Talent Management – Part III Jack talked about some of the obstacles facing businesses in regards to the management of talent.

By now I think we’ve all agreed that time and talent are serious issues within your business organization and your levels of success. Speaking on behalf of ReSource Pro, a business process outsourcing organization dedicated to the insurance industry, let’s see how the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution works.

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BPO is gaining momentum among many agencies in the United States. As the BPO provider assumes your processing tasks, employees suddenly have the time to focus on the client relationship, and management has the time to focus on the management of talent, as opposed to processing tasks. Additionally, a quality BPO provider already has process efficiencies in place to significantly increase productivity, accomplishing far more work in far less time.

For instance, one of the leading insurance process outsourcing companies serving retail agencies and MGAs is NY-based ReSource Pro, with offices in China. ReSource Pro provides a model that is specifically designed to free up the time of agency employees for higher value tasks. This model includes:

  • Dedicated workers individually assigned to the specific clients
  • Utilization of Lean management processes for high productivity and quality
  • Experience in over 1,000 typical insurance tasks
  • Client visitation programs to China and Chinese staff visits to clients
  • Night-shift and real-time service availability

Contracting with a BPO like ReSource Pro enables an organization’s employees to focus on the core aspects of their jobs without the time-consuming distractions of menial tasks that are necessary to the business, but do not generate revenue. The talents of your employees can actually be managed because they have the time to exercise those talents.

Outsourcing processing tasks means that managers now have the time to manage the talent. The management team is not consumed with assuring that data is being processed on a timely and error-free basis to prevent backlog back-ups. The management team is not forced to utilize valuable time to continually recruit, hire, and train new employees. All of that is handled by the provider. Most companies merely need one management person to devote a portion of their daily time to coordinate activities with the outsource processor.

In our next post, we’ll see how the change to a BPO solution can be accomplished easily and successfully to the benefit of all.

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