The Learning Curve for New Technology Is Much Less Than You Think

by Safeer Hassan - Chairman/CEO - Impowersoft on May 26, 2010 · 8 comments

In this post Safeer Hassan, Chairman/CEO – Impowersoft discusses the ease of learning their Aspire agency management system.  Safeer will be following up with a post about the ever heated topic of data conversion when moving to a new system.  This issue often stops agencies from moving to new, more advanced products.

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Now that every insurance agency uses computers, the Internet and email to conduct their day-to-day business, we come across more and more computer-savvy agents of every age group.  Thanks to newer application and web standards, users are much better at navigating through software processes.  “Ease of use” is important, but the term’s relativity has changed over the last few years due to users being able to handle more complex activities.

Applications for the insurance industry are no different.  Yes, there are still agency management systems in the market which require 30+ hours of training, but this should not deter agents from approaching some of the newer products in the market which have a much lower learning curve and can accomplish the same results in half the time or even less.

We have met many agents who have a need for utilizing the latest technologies which combine the functionality of several applications they use, reduce costs and provide more flexibility in terms of access.  However, these agents are in the mindset that training times will be similar to what they encountered ten years ago for a system they have yet to master.  This should no longer be the case.

As complex as insurance can be, vendors these days concentrate on creating intuitive applications which have more of a natural flow to them.  These apps do more, cost less, require less training and make life a lot easier for their users.  Aspire by Impowersoft, for example, is a comprehensive agency management system that only requires nine hours of training.  This training is spread over four days at only two to three hours per day and covers the entire CRM, policy, marketing, reporting and administration modules.

If you are an agent looking to upgrade your technology, I suggest reviewing vendors with an open mind, removing any preconceived notions about learning curves.  There are many benefits associated with purchasing some of the newer insurance agency software applications in the market, and you will not know what you are missing until you give them a shot.  You will realize increased efficiency in your office which leads to increased productivity from your staff.  This, along with easier ways to manage and promote your agency, provides a winning combination.

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