Google Docs, What’s Not To Love?

by Tina Peppers - President & Founder - Domina Technology Solutions on July 28, 2010 · 6 comments

I have wondered how insurance agencies that must use Microsoft Word to integrate with their agency management systems could make use of Google Docs.  One of my clients showed me this very example of managing information to their CSR24 portal.  Thank you Tina for explaining this for us.

Why is it that folks seem to be falling head over heels for Google Docs ?  From my personal experience, I have been using Google Docs for the past year and each day I find something new.  Not only does Google puts out new changes frequently, but I find new ways to use Google Docs.  Check out some of the latest changes to Google Docs.

One of the latest ways I am using Google Docs is to push content to my web site.  I am not a web developer, so I am challenged to find ways to update the site without always getting our web developer involved.  Google Docs to the rescue.  I am using the publish to web feature of Google Docs to help push content to the web site.

Google Docs.jpg

Google Docs allows you to publish your document to the web with a click of a button.  When you have completed your document, click on Share, and select publish to the web.  You have a few different methods to publish the document, choose the method that best suits your needs.   The publish document feature will give you an URL.

With this URL plugged into our web site, I am now able to make changes to the page in a Google Docs document.  You can see an example of this on my web site, Domina Technology Solutions.  The news page is a Google published document.

If you want to stop publishing the pages, just click on share and select publish to the web.  A published page give you the option to stop publishing the page.  Click on Stop Publishing and the page will no longer be published.

Not only can you publish documents, but you can publish spreadsheets, drawings, forms and presentations. Published docs are crawled and indexed, which means they can appear in search results in search engines.  Bottom line, more exposure to your web site.

I can see now how so many people becoming enamored and fall for Google Docs.  How do you use Google Docs?

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