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ACT has announced the following upcoming free Real Time and Commercial Lines Download webinars to your agents.  Recent surveys confirm that both Real Time and Commercial Lines Download workflows are significant time savers for agencies– time that can help agencies significantly in a tough market to reach out to current clients to protect renewals, upsell and round accounts, as well as to bring new business in the door.  For example, the Real Time Campaign’s January survey showed that agency employees using Real Time typically are saving 30 minutes or more per day. Real Time’s use in commercial lines is saving considerable time for many users as well.  In addition, commercial lines download is much improved and deserves another look by agencies.  It promises the same benefits that personal lines download has delivered to agencies.

Commercial Lines Download Implementation (webinar hosted by AUGIE)
Benefits & tips for successful implementation of this much improved, time saving workflow, presented by agents, carriers & vendors
August 25, 1:00–2:00 PM EDT  For more info and to register:

Real Time Solutions for Applied Users (Hosted by ASCnet and open to all Applied users)
Presented by a panel of fellow Applied users and will cover the benefits, how Real Time workflows will work in your agency, how agents can get more carriers to implement Real Time, and who to talk with to get personalized help.  (Non-ASCnet members will have to sign up to get a password in order to register, but there is no fee for these webinars.)
August 25 or 26 (Pick one), 11:00 AM-12:00 PM EDT For more information & to register for one of the sessions:

Save Time & Increase Profits with Real Time (Hosted by the Real Time/Download Campaign for agents on any system)
Demos, benefits & tips for successful implementation, including how to take advantage of the Real Time 21 Day Challenge Website, presented by panel of agents demonstrating Real Time workflows on various agency management systems and comparative raters. For new implementers and those who want to increase Real Time usage within their agencies.
September 8  2:00–3:00 p.m. EDT  For more info and to register:

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