Hear How Using Document Management Can Improve Your Agency’s Best Practices

by Rusty Keighron, Field Sales Account Executive, Agency Markets, Vertafore on September 8, 2010 · 3 comments

This month Rusty Keighron, Industry Industry Manager – docSTAR is sharing his interview with a docStar Eclispe client.  Our thanks to Rusty for allowing us to hear how the docStar product has improved the workflow in this agency.

I’m often asked by people new to the insurance industry how best to learn about how to promote or market technology to insurance agents. Beyond learning the basics (I learned ‘Binder,’ ‘Certificate,’ ‘Book of Business,’ and ACORD), I think all of us (new and old) need to spend time with our customers and learn how they use our products and services.

I had heard from one of our resellers how well Thompson-Allen was using our document management and recently spent some time in Philip Allen’s agency. Philip will tell you that he’s not paperless and may never be … but still needed a way to more efficiently handle and process documents. Our company offers a hosted system (with the server at our secure facility) called Docstar Eclipse that Thompson-Allen uses alongside his Applied System. Here is portion of my discussion with Philip about the difference Document Management had made to his agency in the last year.

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