Microsoft Tag vs, QR Code

by Pat Alexander on March 2, 2011 · 2 comments

We have had previous posts telling you about QR Codes and their uses.  There are also Microsoft Tags.  While both do essentially the same thing there are differences in structure, look, capturing, etc. I see both of these codes more and more. They are a great resource on printed materials to direct the reader to the exact spot on the internet that you want them to go. Many people are using their smart phones or tablets today instead of a computer to research information. If you want to be researched you need these types of codes and appropriate apps.  We will discuss appropriate apps in a separate post soon. Here are examples of each type of code.

Qurified messagePatAlexander mobi tag

I am still researching and learning the value of each type of code.  The readers for these codes are free apps for every type of smartphone and tablet device no matter its operating system.  However, one will not read the other.  Thus users will need one of each type.  I have tested a number of readers and have yet to find one that will read both. If anyone knows of an app that will read both, please share with us.

In doing research on the difference in these codes I found this to be a great resource:  Visual tags: Microsoft Tag vs QR Code

Here are a number of ideas for using these codes:

  • Business Cards – The code could be to the company’s website, the producer’s profile on the company’s website or their LinkedIn profile.  There are a number of possibilities for this particular code.

171749 496347204402 266322059402 6142802 5629138 o

  • Any printed document your agency uses for marketing with the code directing the prospect or client to a specific place.

There are many more ideas, but I don’t want to overwhelm you in one article. There are a number of people that participate in the Insurance Ecosystem blog that would be happy to answer your questions.  If you are using these codes, we really like to hear about your use and experience.  We also welcome guest posts on this and other insurance agency related subjects.

  • Thanks for this overview of tags and QR code. I was intrigued with the Now Revolution use at the end of each chapter. (And thanks for including my business cards in your blog today!)
    My recent post 4 Leadership Lessons From George Rogers Clark

    • Mary, you should read The Now Revolution. It is an awesome book on social media and its application to the business world. I am only 1/2 way through it but consider it the best such book I have read. I love your business cards and I think they are a great example of the use of this technology. Thanks for your comments.

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