Agent Makes $686 A Month Using Phone App

by Duke Williams on May 16, 2011 · 0 comments

I continue to write and talk about the need insurance agencies have to have one or more apps. Not many are listening, but here is an example of one agent that understands an app’s importance. Why don’t you have one or more? Need help understanding why you need apps? Let me know.We can discuss the possibilities. See PatAlexander.Com for contact info.


SehMobile’s very first agent wanted his app for nothing except giving quotes.


He had no website. He is a personal lines agent. He wanted to have his app give real time car insurance quotes.


I thought he was nuts. I thought mobile apps were going to be for customer service.


It just goes to show how wrong I can be.


A few days ago, this agent called us to let us know how happy he is with the app.


In his first ten weeks with the app he has had over 500 downloads and given over 200 quotes.


He said he had made over $1,600. so far. That is not premiums, that is money in his bank account.


That comes out to a little over $686 a month.


How Did He Do It?

While trying to protect his methods, I can tell you that he promoted his app very well in the Android Market. He figured out how to get found when people in his area wanted a car insurance quote.


Then he links from his SehMobile app to a real time, online comparison rating engine. His is EZLynx, but any of them should work.


I would have never thought anyone would use an app store as a search engine, but obviously they do. They have at least 200 times in the last 10 weeks for this forward thinking agent.


Can You Do the Same?

At this point, before too many other folks figure it out, I believe you have a period of time where this should also work for you. It may or may not work forever. But clearly it is working now.

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