ACT September Meeting Report

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ACT has an exciting agenda this Fall, thanks to actions approved at the September ACT meeting. The new initiatives outlined below are based on recommendations from ACT’s Strategic Future Issues Work Group, the break outs from the May ACT meeting and current work groups. The charges to the work groups below will continue to evolve based upon input from the work group participants. We are actively seeking volunteers for these new initiatives:

• Agencies of the Future Work Group – Create a blueprint for what different types of agencies (rapidly evolving, more traditional, etc.) might look like 2 to 4 years from now as they respond to changing consumer, client and employee expectations and opportunities to use new technologies and other innovative business practices and tools. Consider possible changes in physical structure, operations, management, marketing, sales and servicing and how agencies might plan to implement these new approaches most successfully.
• Mobile Strategies Work Group – Share ideas, implementations and success stories for mobile applications and websites (both for sales & service) for both agent use and agency client use and draw on experiences from both within and outside the industry to provide examples. Communicate findings to larger agency and industry population.
• Agency Business Intelligence “Think-Tank” sessions (short term) – Identify the types of business intelligence data and reports agencies would most like to have from their systems and carriers. The group would then encourage the user groups to pursue these issues further with their technology providers, as well as to urge carriers to discuss carrier specific reports and information with their agency councils.
• HIPAA Work Group – Work closely with IIABA’s Agents & Brokers Roundtable to expand the security related tools we have created to-date to cover the additional requirements imposed by HIPAA.
• Retail Agents Subgroup of the E&S Joint Working Group – Provide GAs, wholesalers and E&S carriers with feedback on major “pain points” agents are experiencing when writing E&S and program business and on improvements in automation and workflow they would like to see, including examples of efficient processes they are currently experiencing from some of their E&S business partners.
We also welcome new participants on ACT’s continuing work groups. The ongoing groups will be focused on the following initiatives in the coming months:

• Strategic Future Issues – Update ACT’s Consumer & Technology Trends Report and Industry “Must Do” Issues in time for in-depth discussion at the February 2012 ACT meeting; continue to provide input for ACT meeting agenda items to keep us properly focused on the future.
• Mid-Commercial – Review the mid-commercial renewal process for opportunities to achieve great automation and efficiency. Encourage agents, carriers and vendors to automate mid-commercial submissions in accordance with the workflow developed by the work group and ACORD’s Mid-Commercial Submission XML Standards Mappings Document (currently in ACORD’s approval process).
• Social Web – Continue idea sharing as to agency success stories in using social media and produce articles and webinars that convey these insights to the broader agency population.
• Carrier Communications – Finalize recommendations to encourage carriers to offer their agents the option to use RSS feeds for general carrier bulletins and urge agents to use this new technology. Conduct webinars to help agents understand how they can use these feeds to achieve better distribution and continuing access to this information within their agencies.
Each of these work groups will meet virtually via one hour sessions, typically every two to three weeks. Some of the work groups may decide to have an in person session at the February ACT meeting for work group members who are able to attend.

Please volunteer for one or more of these work groups by emailing Jeff Yates. We especially need volunteers for the new work groups, but also benefit greatly from new participants in our ongoing groups. A lot of ACT’s work gets done at the work group level and great insights are shared during these more in-depth discussions. We also welcome the participation of any interested colleagues from your organization on our work groups, so please share this information with them and encourage them to participate as well.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding your participation in one or more of these work groups!

Thanks, Jeff

Jeff Yates
ACT Executive Director
703-780-4078 (Home Office)
703-706-5402 (IIABA Office)

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