Anyone who knows me knows I am always looking for portable technology tools (hardware and software) to make my life easier and more efficient. In other words, I love gadgets!

One gadget you not be familiar with is the subject of this Blog installment; it has the exciting name of the Edimax BR-6258n and is my latest travel companion. Here it is shown in actual size.

Let’s talk the issues it addresses:

  • Have you ever stayed in a hotel room that says they have WiFi but the signal is horrible … but there is a wired connection across the room that you don’t want to be tethered to?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you are traveling and have more than one device that needs to use the Internet and there is only one wired connection?
  • Have you ever been in a meeting room presenting and not had a cable long enough to reach the podium or projector?
  • Have you ever wanted to share a wired connection with those near you but don’t want to carry a router around?
  • Have you ever needed to create a wireless access point for a device that only has a wired port (like a Roku player or Video Streaming to a player) and there is no nearby wire?
  • Do you want these wireless devices to run with high security and the highest speed (802.1n)?

Wouldn’t it be great if all these could be done with a device that’s truly portable and did not require an electrical outlet?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the Edimax BR-6258n (I call it my Nano Router) is for you!

It is powered by a USB port, and comes with everything needed to run it – software, brief manual, an Ethernet cable, and a USB power plug. More incredibly, mine cost less than $25 including shipping!

It has an in and out Ethernet port, so you can continue to use a wired device and has indicator lights to show activity. Setup took about 10 minutes including the security setup. I have used it in SEVERAL situations where finding a cable or a better signal was just not practical. Even without an antenna, the range is nearly as good as my home router (which has an antenna)!

A link to more detailed specifications may be found here: EDIMAX

It’s a terrific addition to the bag of savvy technology travelers!

Share with us your best gadget for road warriors.

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