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by Pat Alexander on January 25, 2013 · 0 comments

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I have been working with the awesome Kim Woodbridge over the past few weeks to accomplish both some visual and structural updates to this website. My goals in the process were to:

  1. Move more important action items to the forefront of the site.
  2. Move from FeedBurner for subscribers to Aweber.
  3. To eliminate unneeded plugins.
  4. Implement better use of SEO on pages and blog posts.

Action Items – I have taken lessons from my marketing friends here. The Search and Social Media information is all now contained in the header of the site. In this way, it is seen immediately and is on every page of the site. Visitors can more easily find what they are looking for or engage with me immediately. I have also added my Google+ and Pinterest links.

AWeber – My friend Ryan Hanley wrote about changing to AWeber in this article several months ago. I have been using Feedburner to manage my RSS and email subscribers. I decided that I needed to move to a fully customizable information delivery system as I continue to expand the functionalities of my websites.

Plugins – Plugins are great tools. However, they need to be reviewed from time-to-time. Some plugins are not maintained and may become problematical when there are updates to WordPress. New plugins with more functionality appear everyday. Too many plugins can slow down your site. So from time-to-time I review these and eliminate those not needed any longer or replace with better plugins.

SEO – Also know as Search Engine Optimization is what drives a search on the web to find you. I have not been diligent in managing this on pages and post. While my website comes up as the #2 item in the search, my blogs & pages no longer follow right under that search as they used to. Thus more is need to get more real estate on the page.

A website is not once & done. It should always be growing, remaining relevant and improving.

What have you done to update or improve your website recently?

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