Jack Burke – President – Sound Marketing, Inc.

A marketing and communications specialist, Jack Burke is a leading authority on relationship-oriented marketing, customer service and communication. A captivating and motivational speaker, Jack delights audiences with his expert insights, practical applications and the sharing of personal experiences.

Jack Burke is the published author of Relationship Aspect Marketing (Silver Lake), Creating Customer Connections (Silver Lake), and contributing author to Best of Class (Executive Excellence). He also writes the monthly Connections column for The Anderson Agency Report and serves as the editor of ProgramBusinessNews, a tri-monthly electronic newsletter to the insurance industry through ProgramBusiness.com.

As the host/narrator/interviewer of the monthly audio programs for Insurance Marketing & Management Services, Burke’s voice is particularly well-known within the insurance community.

As a marketing and communications expert, Jack has been featured on CNBC News, Los Angeles KTLA-5’s Making It show, Los Angeles KCAL-9 News, the Automotive Satellite Television News and the electronic Small Business University (Digivent.com).

Jack’s credentials over 30 years of successful corporate experience include: President and founder of Sound Marketing, Inc.; Director, Hertz Corporation’s North American Retail Car Sales; Radio & Television News Broadcaster; and award-winning sales and sales management. As the founder of Sound Marketing, he has been acknowledged as the developer of such innovative programs as California’s Audio Ballot Pamphlet, Delivery Tapes for the automobile industry and a “Talk-Radio” style of audio marketing programs for business.

See the Sound Marketing, Inc. website for more information.