Tina Peppers – President and Founder – Domina Technology Solutions

Prior to founding Domina Technology Solutions, Tina enjoyed a robust and distinguished 20 year career in the property and casualty insurance world.  Tina has worked in a variety of insurance disciplines, including: insurance carrier, managing general agency, third party administrator, professional employer organization, pharmacy benefit manager and self insurer administrator.  Her combination of information technology skills and insurance knowledge is a unique asset to her clients.
Tina is a cloud evangelist for the small to medium size business in the insurance ecosystem.  Domina Technology Solutions was founded with the firm belief that the “Cloud Computing Model” is the future platform for running all types of custom vertical applications.  Domina’s team views the cloud platform as a conduit for leveling the playing fields for small and medium size businesses.  These businesses are able to scale and grow their information technology infrastructure at unprecedented speed with horse power and capabilities that used to be reserved for large enterprises.
Domina Technology Solutions builds 100% cloud based solutions and products for business of all sizes in the insurance property and casualty industry.