Making the ‘Solid’ Switch

September 5, 2012

One of the computer upgrades I’ve eyed for several years is the Solid State drive for my laptop. As you probably know, the hard drive is a (very sophisticated) mechanical device. As such, every time you need a piece of information the drive spins around to find the place or places where it is stored […]

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Agency Strategies to Send & Receive Personal Data Securely

August 28, 2012

About this article: Agents are being increasingly asked by their E&O underwriters whether they encrypt their clients’ personal data when it is being transmitted. This article provides recommendations with regard to two major areas agencies need to address – secure email and securing their websites when personal data is requested. The article also discusses “encryption” […]

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How do I measure my success with social networking? – Webinar

July 12, 2012

ACT’s Social Web Work Group is anxious to resume its popular series of agency webinars, now that many more agencies have started to use social media and nearly everyone is seeing the impact social media is having across our country. The work group has decided to hit head on one of the most frequently asked questions […]

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Moving Your Insurance Agency Securely Into the Cloud

June 20, 2012

This is the first post at Insurance Ecosystem for Adam Kotter, Founder and President of The Kotter Group. I am excited to have Adam aboard as a communicator to the Ecosystem. Adam and I are looking forward to your feedback on this post and what else you would like to hear about. Survivors of The Great […]

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“Bring Your Own Device” Opportunities & Risks

June 5, 2012

About this article: The mingling of personal devices into the business environment is now commonplace. Technologists are concerned about how the “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend influences the security of the employer’s network, applications, and data. This article gives an overview of the trend and provides some practical guidance independent agencies can use to […]

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The Reality of Texting for Insurance Agencies

May 29, 2012

About this article: Clients are increasingly texting their agents and preferring to receive texts from their agents, creating the challenge as to how agencies manage this form of communication. In this article, the author discusses the challenges agencies face with texting, how agents can send texts to their email to document the conversation and how agents […]

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Real Time/Download Campaign’s 2011 Agency Survey

May 7, 2012

The attached Real Time/Download Campaign’s 2011 agency survey provides the full survey findings. This report includes the industry’s latest data on agency usage of Real Time and Download. As might be expected, most of the 3,700 agents who responded have agency management systems (97%) and 90% are downloading to some degree. The report addresses the […]

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Agent Scholarship for Aartrijk Brand Camp Named in Honor of Maureen Wall Bentley

March 8, 2012

News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:   Charles Wasilewski, (908) 647-2216;     Agent Scholarship for Aartrijk Brand Camp  Named In Honor of Maureen Wall Bentley  Co-Founder of Event Led Insurance Branding Initiatives SPRINGFIELD, VA (March 7, 2012) — Insurance branding specialist Aartrijk will award a scholarship for an independent agent to attend its Brand […]

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‘Anatomy of a Brand’ Is Theme of Aartrijk Brand Camp 2012

January 16, 2012

News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:  Charles Wasilewski, (908) 647-2216; Registration Opens for Insurance Branding Event SPRINGFIELD, VA. (January 12, 2012) — Industry branding specialist Aartrijk announced that the theme for Brand Camp 2012 is “Anatomy of a Brand.” Registration is now open for Brand Camp 2012, an event for insurance and financial services […]

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On Being Creative – Aartrijk

January 11, 2012

In today’s 24/7 online world you need to be creative to get attention. My friends at Aartrijk have done just that over the past few weeks. Creative is just what they have been in creating and introducing us to a cause they support. Here is the scoop on the Aartrijk Zoo. Actually, I have always […]

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